Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guess I have to start somewhere...

Well this might be the mother of all posts because frankly I haven't done it for well almost a year and pretty much EVERYTHING has changed in that year. Recap on the year;

April 2009:


Brian spent the summer in Alaska driving tour buses for Princess Holland America, while I stayed in Farmington planning the whole wedding, and having lots of fantastic Bridal Showers!

Five months later...

September 2009:

Brian came home

11 days later...

October 2009:

We got married! Yippy! Best day ever! Everything was so amazing, I will admit, I was late getting to the temple but everything went fantastic. We had the most amazing Photographer I would recommend to anybody who wants amazing pictures to get him. Also Jaclyn did our flowers and I am pretty sure I have never seen anything so pretty in my whole life. The Reception was perfect, and both Brian and I had so much fun that we didn't even feel the need to leave! We partied and I found out that Grandpa Hollowell is one heck of a dancer! So much fun! We stayed the weekend at the Stien Erickson Lodge in Park City and flew to Hawaii on Sunday.

Hawaii was amazing! We stayed on the Island of Kauai, beautiful, although a bit rainy. We had many adventures on the Island, some of which included Zip lines but I think the biggest adventure was what was happening to Brian's body in Hawaii. Brian started to get really really thirsty and sleepy. He was drinking multiple gallons of water a day and would sleep until noon. We didn't really think anything strange at the time because it was hot and we had done a lot before the wedding. But all the sudden Brian started to loose his vision at the worst time he couldn't see more than two feet in front of time without it being very, very blurry...(rest of the story to follow). Soon our week was up and it was time to come home. We flew back into Honolulu to catch our flight to Salt Lake and then get on our connection flight Oregon for our Open House the next day only to find out our plane was delayed... more than 8 hours... We didn't have time for a delayed flight because the way we planned it we would get into Oregon and drive straight to Philomath with only 2 hours before the Open House started. Frantically we were trying to figure out a different plan. We saw that there was a Northwest flight the flew straight into Oregon and it left in an hour! Our flights had originally been with Delta, but we knew that they had just bought out Northwest. We were told to go all the way out of security to the front desk and see if we could get on that flight or find a different flight that would get us to our destination. As we walk out there are HOARDS of people waiting in the lines, we knew there would be no way of getting on the flight if we had to go all the way through the line and back through security and ALL the way to the other side of the large Airport. While waiting in line we called my Mother and asked if she could find us the number for Delta, she gave it to us, Brian called told them our situation and just like that we were now on the Northwest Flight! We got to skip the line and go right up to the desk where a very nice lady tracked down our bags and redirected them onto our new flight. This all took some time and we started running to get back to the gate in order to get on the flight in time. When we got to the gate we were told that they would give us our seat number at the gate desk. We walked up to the desk, told the lady who we were and asked her to give us our seat numbers. Her response, "It looks like you are on standby and not actually on this flight." Brian and this point was at his end, He started yelling and she told us we were a couple that had missed an earlier flight to California, Brian told her NO repeated our names VERY LOUDLY and quite frequently, they argued back and forth for sometime until I finally told Brian to be quite. I nicely asked the lady what was going on, She told me that we were some couple who had missed a flight earlier and her supervisor had come over to her and told her about us and that we would be on standby and maybe get on the flight. I listened to her WHOLE story and very calmly at the end told her, "Okay, but I want you to know. That isn't us." She was not happy at this response and said, "Well my supervisor is right over here lets go talk to her!" We walk over, She asked her supervisor if we were these random people and the supervisor in confusion looks at her and all she says is, "No." She was so... embarrassed, she asked again and again, but got the same answer every time. Then she turns to us and apologizes a million times as we walk back to the gate, telling me how kind I was and that I was just trying to get everything resolved and that she felt so bad about confusing us for someone else. Bad enough in fact that we got First Class on the way home! It was amazing, they actually bring you those warm towels to wash your face with! Tons of food too! Fresh fruit, chicken wraps, and cookies! It was awesome! We landed in Oregon and my parents pick us up from the Airport and soon were on our way to Philomath.

The Philomath Open House was awesome! The George's house looked so amazing again Jaclyn put wild flowers together in beautiful arrangements, Lori Gibbs made a gorgeous cake and we all had a blast! Soon we were back on our way to Utah for a bit of a calm down. NOT.

The second day of being back in Utah we went to Spanish Fork and reserved our Town home. Two weeks later we signed the first paper work. Brian during all this time is STILL drinking lots and lots of water although his sight has now mostly returned. We still wrote if off as stress, but started thing maybe there was something a little more serious going on, we referred to WebMD.

November 2009:

Still doing paper work for our house and it was taking a lot longer than we had hoped for them to finish building it. They had promised two weeks, we were running up to about the month mark, We were headed again to Oregon for Grandma George's 80th and knew we needed to be in the house with all the paper work done before we left. We finished all the closing papers the DAY before heading to Oregon.

Oregon was amazing we went to Medford and I had never been there before. It was also very nice to meet almost ALL the George side of the Family, and although I got confused as just one of Chelsea's friends and not Brian's wife it was soon realized who I was. Grandma George is an incredible woman! She did a whole tap dance routine! At 80! She is astounding! There was relative, I don't remember his name who knew so things about health. At this point Brian was still drinking LOTS of water and had lost 30 lbs in one month. He said right away that it was Diabetes. Suggested we get some indicator test to see if it was before we could actually have the chance to meet with a real doctor. We bought the tests they all indicated he had Diabetes. Oregon was great, but now it was time to head home.

First thing we did when we got home was move into our house! Move is a good and bad term, we moved all our stuff there, but we still have finished moving our things into there correct spots in the house... Brian went to the UVU Health Clinic to see what they thought of him and while I was at work I got the worst call ever. The man at the Clinic had told Brian to immediately go check himself into the ER. We met at the ER and 5 minutes later Brian had Diabetes, Type 1, the kind you are born with, there is nothing you can do to fix it, and he will be insulin dependent for the rest of our lives. I was a really hard day for me, but Brian as always was a great trooper taking in the good and accepting the bad. I still hurt when I think about that day, but am so grateful that it brought us closer together than ever. We started living with Diabetes in our life. So grateful that Brian is just enough Native American to get all supplies for free with no cost to us, except the cost to drive to Duchesne every 3 months. Next came Thanksgiving, spent it with my Family and Chelsea at Little America. It was a lot of fun! But not half as good at the Turkey my Mom made later that night.

December 2009:

Still moving in to our house we bought ourselves and early Christmas Present of a new California King Bed. Brian is just too tall for the queen we had so we upgraded! It is the most comfortable bed in the whole world. Best part is "most" nights Brian doesn't elbow me in the head anymore! The George's came out for Christmas and we started the first project on our house, hard wood floors! They look amazing and that took most of the Christmas week. We spent Christmas morning with my family. It was great, and while we were gone the Hard Wood Floor fairy's worked very hard on our floors. There is still some finish work that needs to be done but they change the atmosphere of the house so much it is amazing! Our first step in make our house, our home. We went to Jump on It For Anna's 13th birthday and got REALLY tired from all the jumping. It was a fantastic workout and I still think Mary and Lonny should start one out their way!

January 2010:

We started the new year with painting. We are still... painting but getting a lot closer, work and school makes it hard to find time to work on the house. We love the paint! And know it will look really amazing when we are finished. Brian started a new semester, he loves his classes and I got a new job. Manager of the Anytime Fitness Springville. Most the time is good although a bit boring if nobody comes is.

February 2010:

Moved just about the same as Jan except we spent Valentines day with Emily and her (then) Boyfriend Jeremy, down in Zion's National Park. He is a great guy and had a blast with them down there, even if I did realize I am NOT the the shape I want to be (I mean I work in gym, what is my excuse). Feb was ended with MORE painting.

March 2010:

Painting got a lot closer to being done. Donny, Brian's Best Friend from child hood moved into town the beginning of Feb and we found out he is an amazing painter, helped us do most of the finish work like the ceilings and such. It looks fantastic! Thanks for all your help! Brian changed his Major again he is now a PR major with a minor in business management. It will add about a semester onto our school time but we both feel it will be very much worth it. I became certified as a Group Exercise Instructor and sometime hope to start teaching classes. Yoga and Pilate's are my top two picks! This month has flown by! Emily and Jer got engaged, they will be married June 4 and we are very excited for this new addition to our family.

Well that brings us pretty much up to date. I know this is the LONGEST blog in the world, but now I can try and be better and they can be MUCH shorting in the future.

Thanks for all the love that is thrown our way!


  1. Becky!! Hey its brandi! I am glad you are doing a blog now. You can check out my blog- We all need to get together and go to dinner and catch up! Stay in touch!!

  2. Found your blog off of Sierra's post! Hope life is going well, my dear!

  3. Becky. You guys are the cutest couple ever! So glad to get an update on your little family's lives. I miss you! Keep in touch dear!

  4. BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG!! If I am going to be moving to Texas I need to get you to updating this again so I can still feel like you life 100 feet away.
    :-) Love my best friend BECKY!