Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time Flies

Well it is fairly apparent that I am terrible at this whole blogging thing. But I think it is time to give it another shot! Maybe I will be really good at it this time (doubts).

Things are great over in our little world. Baby boy George is joining us December of this year, his expected date is the 20th, and we can't wait! So far this has been a pretty easy pregnancy. I had lots of morning sickness the first trimester but that ended and I have been feeling great ever since! I have lots more energy and just want to be out playing in the sun, if it is not too hot.

We have had lots of fun trips this summer! We went to Hawaii in May and to Hebgen Lake in July. They were both so much fun and I am ready for another vaca! We are going to Oregon this week to spend time with the George's and I am very, very excited!

Brian's work is going great, I feel like every time we turn around there is a new opportunity waiting for us. If anything the hardest part is keeping up with all that we have going on!

Life is great over here in the Ol' Spanish Fork, we love it here.

I will try and be better about updating and maybe there will be a good record of what is going on with us! Enjoy!


  1. Becky!! Congratulations! I am so happy for you. My baby and yours will only be a year apart! We will have to set up some play dates! You look great by the way. All of us old friends should do dinner sometime and catch up!

  2. You blogged! How did I miss this?! I love this and your prego belly. Maybe we can make a commitment and each blog twice a month....? Ya maybe not. haha

  3. cute belly!! your going to have one cute little guy!!

  4. TIME FOR A NEW POST! Your belly is way bigger and you are one of the cutest prego girls ever, so the world needs to see it blogged. I blog - you blog. Deal?

  5. What you had a baby? ANd his name Is Kal? But the blog has no idea?! Hahahaha......

  6. Awww.... what a cute belly:) I'd love to see that baby!